Electrical Maintenance

Businesses are becoming more aware of the “Duty of Care” they owe to their employees and others who come into their facilities. The financial implications of not protecting the health & safety of workers, visitors and customers cannot be ignored. Neither can lost revenue from breakdowns caused by problems that could have been identified and fixed before becoming critical.


By using Prolectrics Limited to manage your planned electrical maintenance, you can be sure that your sites meet all of the current health and safety standards and are compliant with the latest electrical regulations.

As part of our service level agreement, we build a database for our clients, containing details of every part of their installation, including make, model, quantity and location of all electrical, fire alarm and data devices.

This means that we are always able to carry the correct materials with us to repair / replace faulty equipment on our maintenance visits.

Prolectrics Limited will tailor a planned maintenance package to your needs, carrying out all necessary repairs so that your electrical installation looks as good as new and ensuring that your emergency lighting and fire alarm systems are fully compliant.